At William Jewell College we prepare you to think critically and adapt in a rapidly changing and complex world.

What is the value of attending The Critical Thinking College? Here, we teach beyond a diploma that allows you to be something. Jewell is a place for students who want to do something. College should be a journey that prepares you not just for a path, but for roads that have not yet been built. We believe in thinking independently, connecting ideas, challenging assumptions and respecting differences. We emphasize research, writing skills, leadership, innovation and service. Whether you are undecided or have selected a field of study, Jewell will teach you how to learn so you can go do something in the world.

Value of the
Jewell Experience
have jobs or are in graduate school within six months of graduating

"At Jewell, we don't do one-way conversations.
You can't hide. There is one option here: learn. You rise to the occasion. You come to class prepared. Professors expect you to ask questions in class, and they expect you to visit them outside of class. I’ve never been in a class where a professor talks at you. Here, faculty and students put an equal amount into your education."
- Camille Love ’17, chemistry major
Fort Worth, Texas